Omoni Oboli Wages War On Area Boys As They Harass Crew Members {VIDEO}

Omoni Oboli has had it with street urchins who she says constantly harass her and her crew members on the set of her movies. The actress took to her instagram page to share a video of one of the heated encounters as she called on the governor of Lagos state to intervene.

#CurrentSituation I am totally fed up! Shooting in Lagos State is such a difficult experience. I’ve been settling area boys everyday yet they still fight us. The other day, they broke a bottle to stab my crew and seized my van key. You have to settle different factions. I’m a tax paying citizen of Lagos State. As filmmakers, we pay taxes even on a loss. Na beg we dey beg o @akinwunmiambode help us. We are fed up!!! So many people are getting paid on this set. We are bringing commerce and boosting the economy. Pls help!!! My money is not for area boys! They think it’s their birthright! It’s indeed very sad! 😩😩😩😩😢😢😢 #ASaferLagosForWork #WeNeedHelp

Check out the video shared by the actress cum producer:


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