10 Nigerian Celebrities Accused Of Lying About Their Age

Uche Jombo, Davido, Kiss Daniel, Others Who Have Been Accused of Age Fabrication


In the entertainment industry one thing that you have to have working for you asides any other thing is the age factor. The older you get the less appealing you become. Perhaps this is the reason a good number of celebrities fib about the age. Apparently football age is not the only thing we’ve got, there’s also the entertainment age, or whatever it is they are calling it. International celebrities like Rebel Wilson, Jenifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Nelly and others have been caught in the lie.

Kiss Daniel’s is the most recent Nigerian celebrities on the list, however there are 9 more celebrities who have been called out on slashing off their real age:

Uche Jombo
Source: Nollywoodreinvented

Uche Jombo: The Nollywood actress’ real age became a subject of controversy when she was nominated for the Future awards back in 2010. The age limit for the Future awards is 32 years old, and people immediately began to complain furiously as they said Uche Jombo was 4o as opposed to the 30 years she claimed at that time. However the actress shut down the allegations, insisting that she was born on the 28th of December 1979 and her younger sibling in 1977. This puts the actress at 37 year old right now.

Chike Ike: Her age became a subject of debate when she turned 27 some three years ago and also when she turned 30 last year. Fans called her out saying that she was older than that. The allegations got under the skin of the actress so much that she posted a picture of her WAEC certificate which stated that she was born 1985. Still this did not stop the accusations from pouring in.

Korede Bello: Mavin act Korede Bello celebrated his 20th year on earth February this year, however Nigerians are not having it. Korede Bello does look like he’s the 20 years which he claims he is, but some folks claim to have known the singer since 2009 when he was supposed to be 13 and swear he couldn’t have been that age. Korede Bello however insists he’s 20, as he started performing since the age of 7.

Burnaboy Source:Ghanamotion

Burna Boy: The singer might look nothing less than 30, but surprisingly he claims to be 24 years old. He came under fire from his fans when he celebrated his 24th birthday, while some put him at the age of 40, others compared him to Wizkid, saying the age he claimed made him like a younger brother to Wizkid who is 26 going on 27. However the “Tonight” crooner says he got into the music industry at 21 which is 3years ago.

Cynthia Morgan: The Northside inc star has been accused of so many things, bleaching, boobs enlargement and age fabrication. The actress claims to be 24, however only a few people believe that. To make her age less believable, the singer posted a throwback picture of herself and her sisters, stating that the picture was taken fifteen years ago. However the singer was certainly in her teens when the photo was taken which might put in her 30’s or at most late 20’s.

Eniola Badmus: Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has defended her said age more times than we can possibly count. The popular believe is that the plus sized actress is 37 years old, but she vehemently denied it saying she could not possibly be older than her older brothers and sisters. Back in 2013 when a fan asked during a twitter Q and A how old she was, the actress revealed she was 26, which puts her at 29 this year. Lol!



Davido: Believe it or not, Davido’s age has also been a subject of debate. We really have no qualms believing Davido is the 23 years he claims. However his cousin gave us reason to doubt when he posted a throwback picture of the two taken ten years ago at a club in L.A. Not only did that put Davido at 12 years, which he certainly did not look, others noted that it was nearly impossible to find a 12 year old in a night club.

Kiss Daniel: The Woju crooner’s wikipedia page stated that he was 21 year old, which is easy to believe given his baby boy look and all that. However Nigerian twitter was quick to point that in an interview he revealed he graduated a five year course in 2013 which would mean he graduated at the age of 18 and gained admission at the age of 13. Not long after the accusations came flying, Kiss Daniel’s age suddenly changed as 28 on his Wikipedia.

Caroline Danjuma: The mother of three got into it on isntagram with followers who claimed she was older, when he celebrated her 28th birthday last year. Not only had Caroline Danjuma celebrated her 33rd birthday  a year before, she has also been married for 10 years, which would mean she got married to Musa Danjuma when she was 18. Her wikipedia page which also put her at 34 was taken down after her fans attacked her.

Halima Abubakar: Asides many of her other controversies, age fabrication is one, the actress will be 31 this year, however people have said the actress is over 35. Halima Abubakar actually granted an interview where she admitted lying about her age, however she claimed to have gone the Sandra Bullock style- adding to her age to fit into Nollywood and overcome the seniority issues. {Insert eye-roll}




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